How we help

What we do for the Charity

The Steinhoff programme ‘Extended Family’ provides approximately 300 children with refuge, safety, support, nutritious meals and healthcare. We also aim to equip them for the future through quality education and life skills.

Educational Help

Extended Family offers educational help, in the form of buying school uniforms, stationary and paying school fees. Aftercare classes are also provided, as a platform to be able to assist learners with homework and or remedial teaching.

Health and Nutrition
a1 How we help
Through the Extended Family feeding scheme each child receives two healthy balanced meals per day, 6 slices of bread as well as two fruits per day. Children and their care takers are also educated around and provided with the tools necessary for subsistence farming, so that they are able to grow their own food. Over and above this we supply basic toiletries and clothing to these orphans and households. Food is prepared in our kitchen which is fully fitted with industrial catering equipment. A typical mea would include a protein, various vegetables and a starch (rice, pap, samp, mealie pap)


No young child should be burdened with the responsibility of finding and providing shelter for themselves and in most cases several siblings. Being able to put roofs over the heads of countless AIDS orphans is one of the most rewarding things. Through a number of generous individual donors we have been able to, and continue to provide shelter to many of these children in need.


Neglect is one of the most dreadful bi-products of this epidemic, more than funding these children need to feel wanted loved and cared for. Extended Family gives these orphans a reason to keep their hope for a brighter future alive.

Spiritual care and bereavement counselling is essential to growth and regaining confidence in the lives of these children; this is done through churches, support groups and funeral services. Extended Family is also able to help where needed with birth registration and referrals to places like Hospice, SANCA and SASSA.

Poverty Alleviation
a2 How we help
We hope to grow and develop a sense of community by enforcing a self-sustaining mind set, through educating and sharing knowledge with these communities about small scale subsistence farming or food gardening and beadwork. The children, grandmothers and caregivers are then able to strengthen food security and even generate a small income to be able to better support the family.

Extended Family has also recently started facilitating training courses, for the older children who have finished school or not been fortunate enough to get into Universities. With an influx of interested youngsters keen to join the courses we plan to extend the selection of courses.


Extended Family Training Centre

The training centre was started a few years ago, and after an overwhelming response, we are in the process of getting some of these courses officially accredited. Courses currently on offer are:

  • Cooking/Catering
  • Business skills development
  • Basic computer training
  • Needle work
  • Agriculture:  vegetable tunnels – garden training & development

All of these courses apart from the agricultural vegetable tunnels course are three months in length. The Vegetable tunnels course takes a year from start to completion; students taking part in this course can supplement it with other courses during the year. The Extended Family training centre aims to go beyond the provision of bare basics, by empowering these youngsters with the skills necessary to be able to successfully sustain themselves and live fruitful lives.

Hopes and dreams for the not so distant future:

We hope to extend our training centre to include the following courses:

  • brick making course
  • brick laying course
  • plastering course

Many other programmes similar to Stienhoff’s Extended Family have unfortunately felt the negative effects of the substantial decrease in government grants; one of these establishments being the Abraham Kriel foundation, which currently supports 200 children. In due course we would like to bring these little people into our care as well, by sponsoring them and integrating them into the Extended family programme.


How Can You Get Involved



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